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Sample Coffee Roaster



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Roast 3 Coffees Simultaneously
For Sampling & Cupping

The Sample Coffee Roaster is a modification of the 600 gr roaster.  600 gr of coffee, however, is larger than the sample size needed for “cupping” purposes.  As a result the glass roast chamber has been segmented to take 3 equal sized samples that can be roasted concurrently under identical conditions. The roast level can be preset and the roast will then follow the programmed roast profile until completed. The entire roast process is visible through the glass roast chamber.

The sample roaster includes everything needed for the “cupping” process. The accessory kit includes the segmented glass roast chamber, pouring cap, measuring can, and trays for sampling. This is a very simple system to use, it produces very consistent results, and can provide the user with 9-12 roasted samples per hour if needed.

Available in natural gas (NG) or propane (LPG) models.

Features of the Sample Coffee Roaster

  • Roasts samples simultaneously to an identical degree of roast
  • Roasts 3 samples per batch / 9 to 12 samples per hour up to 120g per segment
  • Simulates flavor profiles found in commercial production coffee roasters
  • Selectable and repeatable roast color levels
  • Roast Agtron Ranges #85 to #25 Visible roast process
  • Gas fired hot air roaster with chaff separation
  • Automated roasting and cooling cycle
  • Models available in NG and LPG
  • Weight: 25 Kg
  • Dimensions (width,length,height): 28.6 × 48.3 x 68.6cm

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