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600gr Roaster

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The 600gr. Roaster is a small, compact, tabletop coffee roaster ideal for coffee retailer applications. It has an automated roast profile and is very simple to operate. No previous roasting experience is necessary! Coffee beans roasted in a Sonofresco are comparable to the best commercial drum roasters on the market, at a fraction of the price. Sonofresco Roasters have proven reliability with over eleven years of service in coffee retailers around the world.

The roasting and cooling cycle time is about 16-18 minutes per batch. Roasting does not need constant attention so you can multi-task, offering maximum efficiency of your time. The 600gr. Roaster can produce up to 12 kg of roasted coffee per 8-hour day, sized perfectly for most coffee retail businesses. It allows the flexibility of custom roasting 600gr. at a time – different coffees, blends, and roast levels – from light roasts to dark French, Italian and Espresso.

Sonofresco Roasters use either natural gas or propane as their heat source and a small amount of electricity to operate the fan and control panel. Roasters are available in two styles; cherry red powder coating or sleek modern stainless steel.


Features of the 600gr. Coffee Roaster

  • Roasts each time to an identical degree of roast
  • Roasts up to 1.8kg per hour
  • Simulates flavor profiles found in commercial production coffee roasters
  • Selectable and repeatable roast color levels
  • Roast Agtron Ranges #85 to #25 Visible roast process
  • Gas fired hot air roaster with chaff separation
  • Automated roasting and cooling cycle
  • Models available in NG and LPG
  • Weight: 25 Kg.
  • Dimensions (width, length, height): 28.6 × 48.3 x 68.6cm

600gr. Models (Red Powder Coat or Brushed Stainless Steel):

1300 Propane, 230 vac, 50 hz, 1.5 amp
1400 Natural Gas, 230 vac, 50 hz, 1.5 amp


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